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What Lights Your Fire?

Standing out starts from within. In order to always get better, you need to be aligned internally.


For any company, figuring out how to move the needle can be a challenge. How do you get better? Stay ahead of the competition? Connect with customers? Build a better product or provide a better service?

The fight is real and the fight is hard. But success isn’t found by looking at what everyone else is doing. You need to know what you believe and what you stand for—what your convictions are.

Great brands are driven by this internal conviction, something to wholeheartedly believe in. They are convinced that the world is missing something, and it’s their calling to provide it.

We believe that every company has an internal fire driving everything they do and propelling them forward. Sometimes those convictions are obvious, but often they get buried under piles of papers and to-do lists. It's all typically woven into the founding story, but as we get caught up in the whirlwind of work, these things can get lost over time. None of it ever went away, someone just needs to go looking for it. To dig for that gold, bring it back up to the surface and polish it for all the world to see.

Once you find it and clarify it, your conviction is the heartbeat at the center of the entire organization. It is what everything comes back to. Why the company got started in the first place—why everyone will continue to fight the good fight.