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Radically Relevant Book

Is your brand propelling you forward?

From Apple to Tesla, strong brands outperform their competitors across all industries. Businesses that embrace design generate 32% more revenue and 56% more shareholder returns, on average. And presenting a brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%. Yada, yada.

But what’s the secret? If having a great brand were easy, more organizations would be doing it. Instead, most organizations — even brands that start out strong — struggle to scale their brand as they grow.


For 20 years, our co-founder and creative director Blake Howard has helped brands from Publix to Boys and Girls Clubs of America to Chick-fil-A launch, change, and evolve. During that time, he has found a simple answer for what makes great brands great: You’ve got to be radically relevant. Radical, in that you have a unique differentiation to offer the marketplace. And relevant, because what you offer is compelling to your audience.

In this book, he’ll break down the radically relevant brand into six unique characteristics. You’ll take an assessment to see how you’re performing in each of these six key areas — and how you stack up against similar brands. Then, you’ll get practical, achievable advice on how to improve. With clarity and confidence, you can break through the challenges facing your organization and become the radically relevant brand your audiences are waiting for.




How radically relevant is your brand? Buy the book, or start with our free brand health assessment.