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Building Brands of Substance

4 Questions to Define Your Brand’s Identity

We believe a brand is a reputation, driven by a collection of perceptions, emotions and experiences. It’s an honest moment and gut feeling in the mind of the consumer about your organization, product or service.


Too often there is a disconnect between brand owners and their consumers—between the truth of how a brand is known and the message they promote. In today’s information age, people are notoriously skeptical (and rightfully so) of brands and require proof over promises. It becomes about demonstration over declaration. Authenticity over announcement.



We lead clients to answer 4 key questions in pursuit of defining their ideal reputation.



Brands that clearly answer and express these four questions develop depth—a substance that moves beyond a single product or message and lives in the hearts and minds of the consumer.


The results are worth their weight in gold: an aligned and thriving internal culture, the ability to recruit top talent, marketing decisions made easier, and a stronger customer experience. However, this process isn’t easy. It requires leadership with a relentless dedication to rejecting indifference and the status quo.