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Rebrand Success: 4 Ways to Slice It

We consider a brand and its reputation as one and the same—it’s what the marketplace thinks about you, shaped by perceptions, emotions and experiences. If there is a gap between what people think and the ideal, then it might be time for a refresh. But with so little of the story within your control, there’s a lot of pressure on the success of a rebrand.


What does a successful outcome look like? How do you know it was worth the effort? We often find that people tend to make two common mistakes:




Rather than going too simple or complex, we like to look at four measurements.

Here’s how we recommend taking stock through the lens of a brick and mortar business. In this example, if you take your average pizza joint and give it a makeover, how can you tell if the update was a success?






Tracking the performance of a rebrand doesn’t have to be complicated.

We’ve already shown you the measurable difference between a regular pizza place and a pizza palace. You need the essentials, nothing more; apply these four metrics to put a rating on your own rebrand.