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Go Slow to Go Fast

On a crisp morning in April 2012, a 100,000 pound meteorite entered the earth’s atmosphere.


Traveling over Sutter’s Mill, California at almost 64,000 miles per hour, the meteor caused sonic booms and rained down countless pieces of space nuggets. Luckily, the unfathomable speed of the rock was also its demise. It burned up to only a few dinky bits, the biggest being about the size of a fist.

Sometimes brands are launched in the same way. Huge ideas are conceived, but the demands of deadlines and other forces cause frantic speeds, burning up the best ideas in the process. The only impact made is like a few weak “space rocks” that sprinkle across the consumer landscape and disappear with little impact.

Launching a new brand should be seen as an astronomical opportunity to change perceptions, gain ground and reconnect with consumers for lasting impact.

We’ve learned to champion the phrase: